Why Choose a Co-op?

  • Spending time in the classroom allows parents the chance to observe first hand their child learning and interacting with their peers.

At CHUM Co-op Preschool, our teacher Lauren Huberty, has over 20 years experience teaching preschool and a bachelors Degree as well as a masters degree in Child Development.  When parents spend time in the classroom, they can observe from Lauren ways to effectively manage their own children’s behavior in a loving and nurturing way.

  • Co-ops are usually cheaper since the only employee is the teacher.

At CHUM Co-op preschool our prices are competitive with other Co-op preschool programs in the area.  We also offer lots of ways to reduce tuition.

  • A Co-op offers the chance to take part in your child’s education and to have ownership in the program.

A Co-op board is made up entirely of current families enrolled in the program.  The board plays a crucial role in setting policy, ensuring smooth operation of the preschool, and creating the preschool program desired for their child and themselves.

  • Co-ops offer the unique opportunity to frequently connect with other parents through time in the classroom, shared planning for parties and events and collaborating to find ways to continue to provide a successful program.

CHUM Preschool offers the chance for parents to connect monthly during school hours for a “Meet-up” during school hours.  CHUM Preschool also sets up dates throughout the year for “Moms’ night out” and “Parents’ Night Out” which allows for parents to have some child free time to connect. 

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