Frequently Asked Questions


What is CHUM's distance learning plan?

CHUM’s distance learning plan will consist of three components: weekly learning kits, a virtual classroom and two face-to-face weekly lessons. 



What is a learning kit and what will it include?

Weekly learning kits will consist of materials and activities taken directly from our classroom, such as: dramatic and loose parts play materials, fine and gross motor games, literacy and math activities, cooking and baking projects, science experiments, books and more!  Your child will receive a new kit each week with a different theme, such as: dinosaurs, bugs, five senses, farm animals and construction. The goal of learning kits is to uphold CHUM’s child-centered and play-based philosophies.  If we can’t be in preschool this year, we are going to send preschool home with you!  


How will my child receive and return his/her kit each week?

You will pick up your child’s learning kit every Sunday afternoon at a designated location.  You will return your kit on Fridays when we meet for our face-to-face lesson.


What if I cannot drop off or pick up my child’s kit at our designated time?

You may make arrangements with Mrs. Molitor or one of our board members to drop off or pick up your kit at an alternate time.  It is very important for you to return your kit on time so we can get it ready for the next child to enjoy! 


Will kits be sanitized between each child?

Yes!  Volunteers and our teacher will make sure every kit is sanitized and stocked before redistributing it to a new family.  Items that cannot be sanitized will be replaced or rotated out. 


What if I lose something in my kit? 

You are responsible to return all of the items in your kit.  However, we understand that pieces can go missing here and there.  We do not want to discourage families to explore and enjoy their learning kits. 



What is CHUM’s virtual classroom?

Our virtual classroom is located on  It is a website and app where Mrs. Molitor can post videos, events and pictures to students and parents.  Families can communicate with Mrs. Molitor through messages and respond to her posts.  Students, with the help of their parents, can turn in assignments and create a portfolio on their student accounts.


What will our virtual classroom include?

Mrs. Molitor will post 2 virtual lessons each week.  Virtual lessons will be pre-recorded and consist of: story read alouds, finger play songs, oral language prompts and more!  She will also post virtual school trips, school events, pictures and extension activities for your learning kits.  


What kind of assignments will my child turn in on ClassDojo?

Mrs. Molitor might ask you to send her a picture or video through Classdojo responding to a prompt.  An example of a prompt might be: “Tell me about your favorite stuffed animal.” Students, with the help of a parent, would respond by recording and submitting a video to Mrs. Molitor.  The purpose of this prompt is to provide students an opportunity to use their oral language skills, while providing Mrs. Molitor with an informal assessment to guide her instruction. Each assignment has a different goal in mind.  Assignments are always optional.  You may choose to participate or not depending on your child’s comfort level.  



When and where will we meet for our weekly face-to-face lesson?

Our class will meet at a designated time each week in CHUM’s parking lot.  You will also turn in your learning kit at this time.


How will we meet safely?

A parent or caregiver will accompany your child.  You will park your car in a designated space, separated from other families by cones.  You will sit on your tailgate or right outside your car, maintaining at least six feet from other families for the duration of the lesson.

Can siblings join?

Yes, siblings are welcome.

What will the weekly lesson consist of?

Weekly 15-20 minute lessons might include: a story read-aloud, finger play songs, music and gross motor activities, science experiments and more!  We will also celebrate birthdays during our meeting time!


What is the purpose of a weekly face-to-face lesson?  

It is very important that children and families feel connected to CHUM and each other, even if we cannot safely return to school at this time.  We must carefully nurture our children’s and our own social/emotional needs.  Although lessons will focus on working towards specific preschool standards and goals, the main purpose of the lessons is to provide children with a social preschool experience.

Will we always meet once a week?

No.  This meet up is dependent upon the weather and state mandates.  If we are unable to to a meet up for either reason, Mrs. Molitor will engage with the class virtually.  



What is the cost of distance learning?

Three payments of $90.  The first payment will be due before school starts, the second in October and the last payment will be due in November.  


Can a sibling participate?

Yes!  There will be an additional cost of $5 per sibling for additional art supplies and some other extra materials that will be added to each kit.


Any other expenses?

There will be a $65 security deposit due upon enrollment.  When distance learning is complete and we have received your last kit in good order, the money will be returned to you or you may apply it to tuition.  

When will distance learning begin and how long will it last?

Our first day of distance learning will be September, 11th.  The distance program is set to run 13 weeks (we will take the week of Thanksgiving off) and will end December 18th. 


What is the plan after distance learning ends?

This fall the CHUM Co-op board, with input from our preschool families, will decide the best plan for the winter and spring.


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